Kanye West's Saint Pablo tour has received much acclaim due in large part to the fan experience it creates, with Kanye's floating stage turning the arena floor into a mobile dance party, or a living organism that follows and responds to the levitating rapper. That experience has resulted in some hiccups, especially when a fan in Atlanta attempted to climb onto the stage mid-performance just last week, but it also produces such moments as the one that went down in Miami over the weekend and was captured in the video above.

At one point in the show, Kanye calls down to the pit below asking for, "The girl with the 'in loving memory of' and the 'Runaway' tattoo right here." As seen below, the fan is wearing a Donda West shirt with a tattoo of the "Runaway" ballerina on her forearm. "You literally brought tears to my eyes," Kanye said. "Sweetheart, what's your name?" The crowd then shouts her name, Crystal, and Kanye sings and hums it, working it into the melody he had been using.

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