Kanye West's seventh solo album The Life of Pablo is a fluid piece of art as West continues to update the files on Tidal, proving just how much of a perfectionist he really is. But in a sense, those songs are moving backwards and forwards at the same time, with an earlier version of "Famous" popping up today.

Though rough in terms of cohesion and lyrical resonance, the leak gives a flashback of sorts to what the pot-stirring track sounded like before Rihanna and Swizz Beatz leant it their polish. Instead, Young Thug is heavily featured, lending back-up vocals, ad-libs and a song-ending verse. Listen to the leak, what is presumably one of hundreds like it, up above.

Thugger of course still wound up on Pablo, guesting on "Highlights," and appearing alongside Kanye on Saturday Night Live in February to perform the song. On his most recent project, Jeffery, Thug named each track after musicians and figures he looks up to, the closing track at one time titled "Kanye West." That song, which features Wyclef Jean, is alternately titled "Pop Man" and was previously titled "Elton."

Back in February, at Kanye's Yeezy Season 3 fashion show turned Pablo listening party in Madison Square Garden, Thug not only modeled some of the rapper's clothes, but also got a world premiere from Kanye's own AUX cord for his song "Wit Dem," which ended up being the intro for Slime Season 3. It's clear the two artists have a close relationship, and hopefully we hear more of their work together; after all, Thug says they've got at least 40 unreleased songs together.

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