Kanye West’s song “Jail, Pt. 2” featuring DaBaby, Francis and the Lights and Marilyn Manson has been added to the Donda album. The track “Jail” featuring Francis and the Lights and Jay-Z remains on the LP as well.

Prior to the song appearing on streaming services, Arnold Taylor, the founder of South Coast Music Group—the record label DaBaby is signed to in partnership with Interscope Records—posted a screenshot on Instagram of the text messages Kanye West shared detailing why DaBaby initially wasn't on the Donda LP. Taylor calls the information ’Ye received "cap."

"This is CAP, I woke up this morning to this social media bullshit. I never got a call or email from @kanyewest @__bu @johnmonopoly I just received it today and Cleared it in 2 seconds. Why wouldn’t I want a hit song out when #SCMG is all about the growth and culture of hip hop and my artist!!! To all of the media blogs and outlets don’t believe everything you see in a post, thank you!!! #SCMGShit," he posted on Instagram.


Kanye West has finally released his long-awaited Donda album today. However, there appears to be a song missing from the project altogether.

According to the tracklist, the song “Jail, Pt. 2,” featuring DaBaby, Francis and the Lights and Marilyn Manson, is supposed to be on the album, but it was removed on all streaming platforms. What happened?

On Sunday (Aug. 29), Kanye hopped on his Instagram account and posted images of text messages revealing why DaBaby is not featured on Donda. In a series of texts, it appears that DaBaby’s team didn't want to clear his verse for the song “Jail, Pt. 2,” which momentarily held up the release of the project.

“On another Note, DaBaby manager isn’t clearing ‘Jail'... So we won’t be able to Upload unless we take him off...What’s ur thoughts,” reads one text.

“Why he won’t clear jail,” reads another text apparently from Kanye.

“I don’t know. And neither is answering there [sic] phone,” reads another text.

“I’m not taking my brother off...He was the only person who said he would vote for me in public,” reads another text apparently from Kanye.

In another IG post, it appears that Kanye will release Donda and nothing is going to stop it.

“Yo manager cap...They tried to stop you from coming in...The people next to you trying to destroy you...But God gotta bigger plan,” reads a text apparently from Kanye.

As of now, the song is not included on the Donda album, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t appear on the project later on in an update on DSPs. We’ll just have to wait and see.

XXL has reached out to reps for Kanye West, DaBaby and South Coast Music Group for comment.

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