CyHi The Prynce is back, and the Georgia rapper brought his good ol' G.O.O.D. Music pal Kanye West along for the ride. His new track's called "Dat Side," and it's one that sees both rappers go in.

Spitting over a bouncy instrumental produced by Edsclusive, CyHi starts things off with some of his typical wordplay and an animated flow to handle the beat. "Uh, I asked the plug for a kilo/He hit me with a brick like I'm Deebo/I charged the high for the zero/But we gon' keep that on the D-low," raps CyHi on the track, which will probably land on his upcoming No Dope on Sundays album.

Turning in his own strong verse, Yeezy delivers some bars about folks he feels have hit him with betrayal. "People claim they praying for you, really they be preying on you/All this shit is weighing on you, don't look back, they gaining on you/''Ye, look down, they aiming for you, all this shit is draining on you/And the people claim to know you, put 'em on, get famous on you/Then they go and blame it on you, you just good, they can't ignore you," raps Yeezy.

"Dat Side" is the first new verse Kanye's served up in a pretty long time. The last time we really heard about him making any new music, he was allegedly in Japan working in the studio with Kid Cudi. There hasn't been much word on that, though.

Check out "Dat Side" for yourself below, and be on the lookout for No Dope on Sundays. Cop "Date Side" on iTunes.

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