When it comes to hip-hop in 2016, Kanye West has been dominating the conversation. Whether it’s a new album, a surprise studio collaboration, teaming up with a major brand or using Twitter as a sounding board, he continuously makes headlines for every move he makes.

Last month, Yeezy dropped his seventh solo LP, The Life of Pablo, after four title changes, edited tracklists and a seemingly endless amount of collaborators. While his road to debuting the project was quite the journey of triumphs and tribulations, the music is what matters most. To get to this point, the Chi-town MC has blessed fans with solid, standout material ranging from mixtape cuts, album singles and Grammy-winning efforts over the years.

With so many songs in this rap powerhouse’s catalog, XXL is highlighting some of the best and pitting them against each other to find out which one reigns supreme according to you, the fans. We started out with 32 tracks, selected from his seven albums, to compete. Round one in the bracket competition has ended and now we're on to round two. "Blood on the Leaves" and "Heartless" are the next songs facing off in the bracket.

“Heartless” is a nightmare explained both through a breakup and ‘Ye’s own personal breakdown. As the second single from 2008’s 808s & Heartbreak, the track plays out in heavy Auto-Tune. ‘Ye has a conversation with the voices in his head and doesn’t know how to cope with the loss of his mother and blames his girl for everything. “How could you be so Dr. Evil?/ You bringing out a side of me I don’t know/ I decided we weren’t gon’ speak so / why we up 3 AM on the phone?” he rhymes.

“Blood on Leaves” is one of the more popular cuts off of West's Yeezus LP. The 2013 cut unleashes a new sound from 'Ye and samples Nina Simone’s 1965 rendition of the hit “Strange Fruit.” We could've been somebody 'stead you had to tell somebody/Let's take it back to the first party/When you tried your first molly," he raps.

Now it’s time to vote. Think hard and place your vote in the poll below for your favorite song: Kanye’s “Blood on the Leaves” or “Heartless.” This round ends on March 18 so make your vote count. You can vote once per hour until the poll closes.


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