Kanye West is an extraordinary talent musically. After crafting numerous classics, it appears that Kanye mastered the art of being an artist. Now, as far as acting is concerned, that might be something he needs a bit more practice on, according to an insider. A tipster revealed to Gawker that Kanye West once auditioned for Will Ferrell's 2008 film Semi-Pro.

According to the tipster, Kanye's audition tape was utterly terrible and hard to swallow. The role he auditioned for was inevitably given to Andre Benjamin, a.k.a, Andre 3000. Here's what the tipster had to say about Ye's no-so great acting performance:

"This is for the role he lost to Andre Benjamin and it's very obvious why—he's a terrible actor. He's wearing a ridiculous afro wig that he brought himself to the interview. He seems insecure and wooden through the whole tape, including some gems like: 'I did it much better in my dining room' and after the audition asking 'It's not great like I leave the office and not-so-great?'"

Kanye Semi Pro

According to Semi Pro's casting director, Allison Jones, Kanye wasn't all that bad.

"He was pretty good, just green," she writes in an email. "That I remember. Truly, he had good instincts. I don't remember anyone saying anything negative at all, just that he was too green at that point. As I recall he is a huge comedy fan and very savvy about the comedy world."

Despite her positive feedback, Ye was never truly considered for the role. If you remember, Ye did make a cameo in Will Ferrell's Anchorman 2, which came out last year. The director debunked all of the rumors regarding Kanye's lack of talent in the acting department, by labeling his performance "great" while on set. 

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