Kanye West is seriously about that paparazzi don’t talk to me life. If the last incident, where he screamed on a photographer and demanded that he not be spoken to, wasn’t enough evidence, Yeezy recently put hands on a paparazzi at Los Angeles International Airport for asking him a question. But it might cost him this time. According to TMZ, West could be charged with felony attempted robbery behind the matter. The popular celebrity news site caught the event on camera. In the video taken yesterday (July 19), Yeezus is seen exiting the airport as flash bulbs popped while paparazzi surrounded him to taking pictures. All is well until one decided to speak up. Yeezus restrained himself once but grew increasingly agitated as the pap continued to ask him why people of his ilk weren’t allowed to speak in the rapper’s presence. Then Ye snaps. “I told you don’t talk to me, right?,” he said. “You trying to get me in trouble so I steal off on you and have to pay you like $250,000 and shit,” Kanye added before charging the man and grabbing him and his camera. The tussle took place for a few seconds before a female voice can be heard telling Ye to stop. He then got in his vehicle and drove away. Medics were later called to the scene on behalf of the photographer who was grabbed. The pap, who goes by the name "Dano," is reportedly pressing charges.

Check out the incident, below.