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During the 2015 Grammys, West almos stole the moment from Beck when he jumped on stage while the L.A. native was receiving his award for album of the year. 'Ye later commented that Beck should give his award to Beyoncé. He stated on Power 105.1 that he hadn’t listen to the Beck's album Morning Phase before the Grammys but stood by his stance that the Grammys didn’t make the right call. ”Think of all the good stuff that happened to me in the last eight days. The person that won was Beck, because if I hadn’t done that, his Album of the Year would’ve never been mentioned…He should win an award for what he did—Rock Album—but he shouldn’t have won that award, but who am I to have an opinion.” Kanye said.

In November 2013, during his second stop at Brooklyn's Barclays Center for the Yeezus tour, Kanye went on a rant about the MTV Video Music Awards:  "Bruno Mars won all the motherf--king awards and s--t. And I was thinking about what Rick Rubin told me, because I don’t give a f--k about no TV show. But what I care about is if you’re an artist and you work hard as f--k and the streets say that you deserve that s--t. Then can’t no motherf--king networks try to gas everybody up so they can sell some product with the prettiest motherf--ker out."

Maybe we can get in the near future a Kanye West, Beck and Bruno Mars record?

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