Over the weekend, Kanye West caught a ton of heat after tweeting about his love for right-wing media personality, Candace Owens. Now, the rapper has landed himself in hot water again after reportedly admitting his love for President Donald Trump to Hot 97's Ebro Darden.

During a recent segment of Hot 97's morning show on Monday (April 23), co-host Ebro said he had a nearly 30-minute conversation with Yeezy, who allegedly said he was going to follow up his Owens tweet with some context but decided to "take the heat." The rapper also told Ebro his ultimate goal is to "deprogram people" and have them think differently.

But perhaps Kanye's most shocking confession to Ebro was discussing his love for Trump. "Kanye West, quote, 'I love Donald Trump,'" Ebro said the rapper told him. Following the broadcast of the show, co-host Peter Rosenberg hopped on Twitter to discuss Yeezy's comments and reveal more information.

"Biggest take away from Ebro in the Morning today ... Kanye West is still an avid Donald Trump supporter," Rosenberg tweeted. "You can process that however you like but if you’re waiting for him to say 'my bad' about his trump statements — don’t hold your breath."

The co-host added that people close to Kanye have been telling him the rapper is a fan of the president and his alleged admission confirms it. "Well people who have been around him have been telling me that he loves trump and then he said to ebro 'I love Donald trump,'" Rosenberg added.

The rapper's latest comments aren't the first time he's spoke about Trump. In 2016, Yeezy met with the then President-elect at Trump Tower in New York City and received a ton of backlash. Following the meeting, Kanye said he met with Trump to discuss "multicultural issues" such as "bullying, supporting teachers, modernizing curriculums and violence in Chicago."

Check out Rosenberg's tweets and Ebro discussing Kanye's comments below.

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