Justin Bieber is getting back to the music—but it's not his usual.

On Thursday (Oct. 10), the superstar singer previewed a new track on his Instagram Story, following a hiatus from music while he focused on his personal life. Flipping 50 Cent's popular 2003 track "Many Men," Bieber spits some bars of his own and sings a hook similar to the original song.

"I just took out the Lambo/Man this thang got handles/One hand on the booty, it's a damn scandal/Beg for it like you pan handle/Pants sagging, I'm a damn vandal," Bieber raps. "Like Van Damme do—took a couple years off, shed a couple tears, dog/Messed up here and there, ain't no fear here, dog/Got a wife, living right, yeah it's tight/Gluten-free, look at me—who woulda thought I'd be nice?"

In a follow-up post, Bieber confirmed he was just playing around and that the song is not meant for his album.

"Not album stuff just messing around while Haileys doing something video stuff in the otter room..," he wrote. "It is tight though MANY MEN."


This is not the first time that Bieber has dabbled in rap over the years. Apart from lending hooks to popular hip-hop songs like DJ Khaled's 2017 smash "I'm The One" alongside Lil Wayne, Chance The Rapper and Quavo, Bieber has also remixed other rap songs with his own bars including Kendrick Lamar's "Humble" in 2017 and even Vado's "Speaking in Tongues" back in 2010.

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