A juror in the Young Thug YSL RICO case has been dismissed for the remainder of the trial.

Young Thug YSL RICO Trial Juror Excused

On Monday (Dec. 4), Day 5 of the YSL RICO trial commenced. But not before a change was announced. During the morning session, Judge Ural Glanville revealed that a juror has been dismissed from the case after falling ill and being hospitalized over the weekend.

"I am in receipt of the [hospital] admission form," Judge Granville announced to the court in the video below. "As of current, she is still in the hospital. Her anticipated release date, potentially, is this coming Wednesday. As much as I would like to wait until Wednesday, I'm gonna probably have to go ahead and excuse her due to illness."

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What Happens Next?

Trials are always prepared if situations like these arise. There are multiple alternate jurors who are also in court watching the case, with their sole reason being to step in in case a member of the chosen 12 jurors cannot perform their duty. The trial will continue, as usual.

We are in the second week of the trial, where Young Thug and his six codefendants have been accused of being a part of a violent street gang, YSL, which prosecutors claim has committed several violent acts in Atlanta over the past several years.

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See Judge Ural Glanville explaining that a juror has been excused from the Young Thug YSL case below.

Watch Judge Reveal a Juror Has Been Dismissed in Young Thug Trial

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