Joyner Lucas and Tory Lanez are putting on a rap battle exhibition for the world to see. On Wednesday (Nov. 21), Joyner added the latest diss to the mix by dropping his new "Zeze Freestyle."

Lucas is talking greasy about Tory over the Kodak Black track. "Yo, nigga's saying, 'What a great battle'/But you about to see a fucking snake rattle," he spits. "Boy you just a pony with a pink saddle/I'm truly sorry that you stuck inside of Drake's shadow/When are you gon' overcome? (Huh)/When are you gon' level up?/When are you gon' grow another foot? (Huh)/When are you gon' show us that you number one? (When)/And everything that you accomplished in some years about to take me just a couple months."

JL spits for over four minutes on the chorus-less track with all of his vitriol being directed at the Canadian rap crooner. "Ten years in the game but yo' ass still sittin' on the fucking bleachers/Boy you just another diva (Just another diva)," he snaps. "Heard yo' grandmama kicked you out the house screaming/'Tory we don't fucking need you'/Why yo' daddy up and leave you? (Why)/I guess this is how they fucking treat you/And you my puppet, you my Cousin Skeeter."

This grudge match was initiated on Tuesday (Nov. 20), when Tory publicly told fans he is better than the Massachusetts rhymer, and Lucas responded by telling Tory to put up or shut up.

Tory accepted the challenge and dropped the "Lucky You Freestyle." Joyner returned fire on his "Litty Freestyle" and Tory followed up with "Litty Again Freestyle."

Both artists have since admitted to being fans of each other. But, for now, it's all out war.

Listen to Joyner Lucas' "Zeze Freestyle" below.

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