Joyner Lucas is defending Chris Brown after the singer was arrested for rape in Paris, and he has a theory about why the singer is constantly being accused of misconduct. He let loose the theory in an Instagram post proclaiming the singer's innocence on Tuesday morning (Jan. 22).

"I’m no conspiracy theorist but no bullshit, im really starting to believe that TV networks are paying muthafukas to false claim allegations just so they can turn it into a documentary," Lucas wrote in one part of his post. "Smh FOH‼️‼️‼️‼️"

Elsewhere in that same post, Joyner makes it clear that he believes his "I Don't Die" collaborator is innocent.

"@chrisbrownofficial ain’t rape nobody," Joyner wrote in one part of his post. "Any and every way someone gets the opportunity to create a story and try to ruin my niggaz legacy they take it. It won’t happen tho. Anybody who actually thinks breezy needs to take some pussy got issues. Trust me when I say it doesn’t matter what city, state, country, or continent this nigga goes to, he can literally pick like a flower from a garden of bad bitches who wanna fuck and it’s that simple."

Brown was arrested in Paris on Monday morning (Jan. 21), after a woman filed a complaint last week alleging that he had raped her. The 24-year-old woman alleges that she met Brown at a club there on Jan. 14, and he assaulted her when she went back to the singer's hotel with him and his friends.

This is not the first time Lucas has spoke out in defense of Brown. Following their first collab, "Stranger Things," in 2018, Lucas slammed people who bring up Brown's domestic violence history as a way to take away from his achievements.

"And I see every time this nigga do some superhuman shit the first thing muh'fuckers wanna post is, 'Oh, but he's a woman beater,'" Lucas wrote in an Instagram post. "You can do that shit all you want but that does not take away from the fact that he's gonna do what he do better than any nigga who's ever done it."

Check out Joyner Lucas' Instagram post below.

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