South Florida is where it's at if you're looking for fresh takes on rap from younger artists. Broward County, Fla. native Johnny Oz is one of the newer names, first breaking through with his single "Amigo" last year. Now, fresh off a performance at Miami's Rolling Loud Festival, he releases the video for his song "Tat My Name."

The BennyFlash-directed video starts off with a girl cooking in a kitchen, but she isn't making breakfast. She passes Johnny Oz a hamburger, he gets outfitted with some more girls in the living room and he heads out to face the world. After exchanging a few daps with his friends and narrowly avoiding a speeding police car, Johnny appears onscreen, surrounded by twerking girls. The cops obviously aren't feeling that and end up cuffing one of the women.

Johnny fits perfectly over the sparkling beat. "Why yo' diamonds yellow mellow, took a piss/Think big bitch, gotta think big/Bob the Builder, I'm just tryna get my fix," he spits, aggressively. Mixing references to a childhood cartoon with thinly-veiled threats? He can do that too. "Put that powder on the table, she gon' strip/Told yo bitch im a dog, call me Cliff/Put that big .45, out the whip."

In addition to Johnny Oz's performance, Rolling Loud had a lot of big moments. Lil Uzi Vert took yet another death-defying dive into the crowd, old friends Ski Mask The Slump God and XXXTentacion smoothed over their beef and Meek Mill had his first performance since being freed from prison.

Catch the wild video for "Tat My Name" below.

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