Today (June 8) mark's the 40th birthday of the great Kanye West, and to recognize the occasion, acclaimed singer and past Yeezy collaborator John Mayer uploaded a touching Instagram post dedicated to his good friend. In doing so, he also unloaded a nice story about the first time he heard Yeezy's Late Registration cut, "Gold Digger"—which was before it was even recorded.

In the caption for the post, Mayer recalls a studio session in which Ye' had just finished writing the song that would become his biggest hit to date. "He rapped the whole thing while playing the instrumental track on a laptop he had clutched in his arm," Mayer wrote in the caption for the post, which features a throwback picture of the two hanging out.

Mayer continues, "He was way too excited about what he had created to have the patience to concern himself with any disclaimers or false humility. It was just 'listen to what I did.' He knew he had one, in an ongoing streak of tracks that got better with each one he finished. I remember taking in both how incredible the track was, and how big a force he was. A guy and some laptop speakers hitting you like a laser beam. The track was 'Gold Digger.' And I think about that moment as a metaphor for everything he does. He was given the gift. He interacts with it like those scenes in Spider-Man where Peter Parker first discovers he can shoot webs. It's exciting and intoxicating AND YAH, maybe there would be some extra webs around stuff that didn't need it. You'd do it too. In a time where we tend to celebrate the birthdays of those who are no longer with us, I say LONG LIVE KANYE WEST. CARRY ON, SIR. 🙏🏼"

Peep Mayer's touching tribute to his good friend below.

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