Rejjie Snow is about to release a mixtape titled The Moon and You. With the project due out next week, Snow gives fans a preview by dropping a new track called "Purple Tuesday" featuring Joey Bada$$. Cam O'bi crafts a smooth production that allows both men's lyrics to shine.

"Seven years old, I asked Christ and the genie/Ten years old, I seen my friend die really/Genie in the bottle though it's Jenny on the block/I'm Houdini with the Uzi, holy father, wake me up/Time-traveler, that boy, he a star/Blowing bubbles in the faces of the people afar/'97 Hov playing, trunk rattled the car/Wet lick done licked the gold stars of my heart/Golden roses over enemies and sprinkled with serenity/Tryna stain the legacy, pray to Allah," Snow raps on the opening verse.

Joey Bada$$ poured his heart and soul into the All-Amerikkkan Badass album, but he still had some quality work left for this guest appearance. The "Victory" MC reflects on his past and looks toward the future.

"My fountain of youth is all drying, one minute, we all smiling/Then poof, we fall silent and I've been digging deep/For this thing, I ain't finding this/Either I'm insane in my brain or to be honest, that's probably what it is/Done seen a lot of shit that you probably can't live with/You probably can't stomach, you probably can't ingest/At times, we were so hungry, got mad dreams and wishes/It'll all get sunny, but for now it's this money that/Determines and divides, that's insuring our lives/Even causing homicides on the streets of N.Y./A little shawty asked me what's my purpose and why/I told him save the children and put them right at the line," Joey raps.

Listen to Rejjie Snow's "Purple Tuesday" featuring Joey Bada$$ below.

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