Tomorrow (April 7) is the official release date for Joey Bada$$'s highly-anticipated All-Amerikkkan Badass album, and he's keeping us on our toes as we wait for it drop. The Brooklyn MC visited Hot 97 to speak with the Ebro in the Morning crew, and he got very candid on a slew of topics during the interview.

Not only did Bada$$ speak on why he almost decided to quit rapping for good, but he also dropped some serious gems on the radio team about why he thinks New York radio hasn't grown over the past few years. The New York rapper first described his raw thoughts on why there is a division in the music industry between artists and the higher-ups, explaining, "There's a whole bunch of older people doing it the older way, and the newer young kids that's coming it doing it their own way, or the new fresh way. They're winning."

Bada$$ then paused, and moved into a statement he wanted to make about New York radio, despite his love for Hot 97. "New York radio... we need the new, young Ebro. We need the new, young Funk Flex. We need the new Peter Rosenberg, man. Y'all holding they seats, man," says Joey. "Let them at least grow. Let them grow under y'all, man. Let them grow under y'all, cause y'all keeping this shit a certain way, and New York radio, in my opinion, hasn't really grown too much in the last couple of years. It's stayed the same. Everybody else is beating us out now. You got Atlanta killing it, L.A. killing it. You know why? Because they got young people involved, and they getting the inner cities involved. They supporting their hometown artists on some other shit. Not just supporting their hometown mainstream artists. They're supporting their hometown artists, undeniably, no matter what."

Although Rosenberg, Ebro, and Laura Stylez tried to debate Bada$$'s statements, he mentioned Funkmaster Flex's platform, stating, "No disrespect to Flex, but Flex don't really know the shit until it's popping off on the Internet. Shit been popping for months... not even just Flex, but radio in general. Shit popping for months, and radio don't know about it until five or six months later. Now y'all wanna jump on it and play it."

Watch his full interview below, and look out for his New York radio statements around the 25-minute mark.

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