Joey Bada$$ got a chance to freestyle over Future's "Mask Off" beat, and the hip-hop world is better for it. The Pro Era member appeared on the L.A. Leakers' radio show and put on a lyrical exhibition while spitting over Metro Boomin's hypnotic production.

"Radios be lacking dough/You can front on talent, so/I'ma kill like every show and any foe with any flow/No flex will not be in the zone/Know to watch when I come on/I check in on the microphone/Collect this check, then I'm heading home/It ain't always been like this/'Member we was broke as shit/Saving L's till next week/My ashtrays gotta roach in it/I hit it until my fingertips/Get burnt at the filtered tip/'Fore I learned to take a risk/I didn't even have a pot to piss," Joey rapped.

Joey's impressive freestyle should add to the hype for his upcoming album ALL-AMERIKKKAN BADA$$, which is scheduled to drop next month. The highly anticipated album might be a game changer for Joey, who has been hyping up the content of the LP during its promotional run.

“If certain things don’t happen, then I’m like… I’m pretty convinced that like, I might be blacklisted or something like that," he said of the album's content on Pharrell Williams and Scott Vener’s OTHERtone podcast.

Fans will get to hear Joey's potentially polarizing words on April 7. Until then, enjoy his "Mask Off" freestyle below.

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