Joey Bada$$ is no doubt one of the illest spitters in the game. Today (Jan. 19), the Pro Era MC proves it by spitting some bars for GQ.

"Now, what's freedom to you," Joey raps in the clip, which can be viewed above. "Let's talk about it/Take a minute, think it through 'cause I'm all about it/But the concept seems new/Cops still shoot us down on Channel 5 News, lock us up for anything we do to pay dues/Some of us woke wild, some stay snooze/Zombie walking around tripping over his shoes."

The 1999 rapper is on a roll as of late. Joey recently earned his first gold plaque for the single "Devastated," which was a 180 for him in terms of sound.

Bada$$ addressed his followers' confusion about the switch-up in sound in a radio interview in September, saying, “You could have every song in [an artist’s] catalogue. There [would still be] about 50 songs you’ve never heard from that man… It’s just what I’ve exposed the world to is a certain type of sound, or direction of music. That’s why when I do things that’s not there, people are confused. They’re like ‘What’s goin’ on? That’s not Joey. This is not the Joey that I know.’”

Two days ago (Jan. 17), Joey released a snippet of a new song called "Land of the Free." On the record, he discusses the current political climate of the United States. “The 300 million of us still got no focus/Sorry America, but I will not be your soldier/Obama just wasn’t enough I need some more closure/And Donald Trump is not equipped to take this country over," he raps.

As aforementioned, you can watch the GQ freestyle above courtesy of YouTube.

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