Joey Badass pays a visit to Hot 97's Funk Flex show and absolutely destroys a four-minute, 30-second freestyle. The New York MC shows off complete mastery of the art form, delivering pinpoint flow, crazy wordplay and charisma.

The Beast Coast representative spits, "Skinny nigga with the fat wallet/First class seats right behind the pilot/O.N.I.F.C fuckin' livin' lavish/I been gettin' stylish, I'm just being modest/Fuckin' up the commas/Fuck readin' comments/You would know what's real if you were really conscious/Substantial content in anything I'm droppin'/And the flows I'm kickin', k-k-karate choppin'/Back to the topic, goin' so hard with no plans of stoppin'/Year looking so strong gotta whole lot of options/Hair growin' so long covering up my optics/And this is coming from the top, though I came from the bottom/With enough fire in my heart to move a whole mountain."

Joey continues, "And I could give a fuck 'bout how the world could judge me/'Cuz if I die today I bet that all would love me/God forbid, knock on wood/Twist fingaz in the air, nigga rep your hood/Some my niggas still bang, up to no good/'Cuz ain't shit changed, we misunderstood/Taking shots to the brain leave you dead where you stood/Prolly hidden the remains leave your body in the woods."

You can view the freestyle in its entirety above via YouTube. Keep it locked to XXL as more music and news from the Pro Era frontman surfaces.

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