Joey Bada$$ promised more spontaneity in 2018 and he is delivering. The Pro Era head honcho recently released the the new banger, "King to a God," featuring Dessy Hinds via SoundCloud.

Joey, who celebrates his 23rd birthday today, catches wreck over the Nastee-produced instrumental. The beat features hints of boom-bap, mixed with guitar elements and a catchy horn loop. "Now put your hands where my eyes can see/Like it's a stick up (yeah!)/Make one false move, you gettin' lit up (brr!)," Joey raps. "'Cause I don't give a fuck like Bishop (no!)/I'm crazy like a redneck in a pickup (c'mon!)/Shit get ugly like Chauncey Billups (word!)/Hol' up, lemme fill up my cup with some fine wine/Your bitch wanna fuck, all I gotta do is find time/Said I just really want that Einstein (yeah!)/But fuck it, watch her throw it back/Like a Thursday on my timeline (woo!)/Swear I'm so out of my mind (word!)/The only one of my kind (c'mon!)."

Hinds gets busy as well, dropping bars like, "How many pieces I'm eatin' forbidden fresh fruit (mm!)/16 pieces, the sweetest, I feast on flesh too (c'mon!)/Verses bulletproof on the chessboard, pick your best move."

Badmon Joey kicked off the year by dusting off a track he had in the stash titled "Gazzliona," featuring Kirk Knight. He recently stopped by the Australian radio station Triple J and flipped Prince's "When Doves Cry" into his own version, "When Thugs Cry."

Listen to Joey Bada$$ and Dessy Hinds' new track "King to a God" below.

Pro Era
Pro Era

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