The next chapter of the Drake vs. Joe Budden beef is here. Budden responds to the subliminal shots Drake took at him on "4pm in Calabasas" with the new track "Making a Murderer Part 1" produced by AraabMUZIK. Budden swears this is not a true beef as he's got love for Drake, but that does not stop him from going hard at the Toronto native.

"Fuck all of these subs, who they intended at/I won't believe it's me without forensic facts/They don't normally mention black when penning their raps/But then I listen back, I heard a pinch of sass/Tender ass Teddy come around, he gon' get pinned to grass/I come around with every inch of the mag/I'm a wordsmith for real, you thought Quentin was bad/You made me proud lad, but it seems my child mad/With all the clout that he grabbed, it's still doubts from his dad/Look, this ain't promotional, you just emotional/No doubt you got Starbucks, all that Joe in you/I part his reign lightning fast, just what Joseph do/A black cloud all over the Six, check the overview/You're so indirect, shit wasn't real clear/Either Jimmy acting or he really miss a wheelchair/What he don't know is we the most kindred of souls/I should've did this two Kendrick's ago," Joe Budden raps on the second verse.

Drake isn't the only target of Joe Budden's fury on this one. The Mood Muzik rhymer also takes the opportunity to throw some jabs at Meek Mill, who he's been trading barbs with as of late. Budden even revisits his old feud with Jay Z though there's no attempt to refuel the flames of that one. In total, Budden delivers four verses worth of battle raps to remind these rappers of who they're up against.

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