The ascendant Jimmy Wopo continues building his buzz with "Sneak Shit," a new Big 24-assisted song and visual. He debuted the new audio-visual combo just yesterday (June 6).

In the video itself, Wopo and Big 24 are hugging the block closely as they pop bottles with other folks from around the way. As is usually the case with block-based music videos, the festive vibe is pretty much everywhere. There's Hennessy bottles. There's money flashing. There's kids with water guns. There's dancing. There's pretty much everything.

"Now you niggas like G-Money, hitting the glass/If she don't fuck bitches I'll probably pass/I got the stick with no hockey mask," Wopo spits on the track, coming with the same hard bars he dropped on "Elm Street 2."

Coming off dropping his Jordan Kobe project a little while back, Wopo is beginning to generate some serious buzz. While he's gotten most of his attention from a few songs, he doesn't plan to rest on his laurels. He said as much when we interviewed him last month.

“I don’t want to be no one-hit nigga or two years and gone nigga," he told XXL. "I want to be on and be in the industry for a long time. And get into some other shit; I’m not a faker. If I do this, I’m doing it all the way and get into all the entertainment shit I can get into. Keep money coming in.”

Peep his new visual for "Sneak Shit" just below.

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