Jimmy Wopo is one of the hardest rappers coming out of Pittsburgh, and on Wednesday (Oct. 11), the Pennsylvania native dropped his new mixtape Back Against the Wall. You can download the tape for free on Live Mixtapes, purchase it on iTunes and stream it below via Spotify.

Written during a two-month stint in prison, the 14-song project opens up with a freestyle from Slumlord. The Steel City rapper then showcases his skills, getting some help from Kizzl on the song "Booby Trap" and Hardo on "All Us."

Wopo raps on "First Day Out," "Jimmy home, start checkin' your bitch's phone again/Feel like 2010, all these honkies callin' my phone again/I'm in your backyard again, nigga, no Nickelodeon/Pockets on a hungry chick, niggas is Ethiopians."

In addition to releasing his mixtape, Wopo also dropped a video for the song "Wake Up." Directed by CatchRecMedia, the video finds the "Jimmy Bonds" rapper waking up in a number of unbelievable scenes.

Earlier this year, XXL spoke to Wopo about his goals in hip-hop. The rapper said he didn't want to be "no one-hit nigga or two years and gone nigga." He added, "I want to be on and be in the industry for a long time. And get into some other shit; I'm not a faker. If I do this, I'm doing it all the way and get into all the entertainment shit I can get into. Keep money coming in."

Check out the tracklist and listen to Back Against the Wall below.

Jimmy Wopo's Back Against the Wall Tracklist

1. "Intro (Free Slumlord Freestyle)"
2. "Back Against the Wall"
3. "First Day Out"
4. "Boss of Bosses"
5. "Criminal Mind"
6. "Wake Up"
7. "Booby Trap" Feat. Kizzl
8. "Lil Heavy"
9. "I Told Ya"
10. "King of the Burg"
11. "They Want"
12. "Bout Jimmy"
13. "All Us" Feat. Hard
14. "My Boys"

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