Jimmy "Henchman" Rosemond was handed a heavy sentence for his role in the murder of 50 Cent affiliate Lowell "Lodi Mack" Fletcher.

On Friday (Nov. 9), a New York City judge sentenced the former music mogul to two life sentences for the 2009 killing. AllHipHop spoke exclusively with Henchman following the sentencing.

The well-documented murder was the result of an incident in 2007, when Henchman's son was roughed up by Tony Yayo and Fletcher in NYC. Both men were convicted in the attack, with Fletcher serving jail time and Yayo getting community service.

Henchman was accused of commissioning the murder of Fletcher. In March 2015, he was convicted and given a life sentence plus 20 years for the crime but had the conviction overturned in November 2016. He was granted a new trial but was convicted again last November.

Henchman is already facing a life sentence for his role in a nationwide drug-trafficking operation.

50 Cent reacted to news of the sentencing on Instagram on Saturday (Nov. 10). Posting a video of Henchman in jail explaining his situation, the Queens rapper got his jokes off in the captions. "Check this old jimmy the Rat, speaking about Rats and he been telling since the 80’s we got his paper work. ‍♂️my God #positivevibesonly," Fif wrote. "Kid stay out of trouble, don’t end up like old jimmy the Rat. He thought he was the last Don da da, now he is making videos from jail with multiple life sentences...This is entertaining watching this guy break down, come on jimmy toughen up. When the going gets tough the tough get going #Positive vibes."

Check out 50's posts below.

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