Jimmy "Henchman" Rosemond could be facing the death penalty.

The music industry vet has been charged with ordering the murder of a man in 2009, according to allhiphop.com, following up an earlier report by the New York Post that charges were imminent.

“[Federal prosecutors] are in the process of putting together charges against Mr. Rosemond for a death penalty-eligible offense,” Assistant US Attorney Todd Kaminsky told Brooklyn federal Judge John Gleeson, according to the Post. The charges allege that Rosemond hired two men, Rodney Johnson and Brian McCleod, to kill Lowell Fletcher, an associate of 50 Cent, who had reportedly been involved in an altercation with Rosemond's son in 2007.

The incident occurred in March 2007, when 50 Cent, Tony Yayo and other men saw Rosemond's son outside of his father's office, and proceeded to rough him up, slapping him in the face, according to reports.

These charges added to legal trouble the the Czar Entertainment honcho was already involved in. Last summer, he was arrested and charged for his involvement in an illegal cocaine distribution ring, which was said to have been moving drugs between Los Angeles and New York. As a result, he has been sitting behind bars. It was around that same time, in June, that both Johnson and McCleod were arrested for the Fletcher murder, and have been behind bars since.

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