Brooklyn's own Jimi Tents is back with "Should've Called Pt. 2," a sequel to his 2015 track, "Should've Called." Saidbysed handles the hook duties on the reflective song, which you can hear for yourself at the bottom of this post.

On the track, Jimi gets pretty introspective, touching on at least a few of the internal struggles that plague him on a day-to-day basis. Those issues include fake friends and loneliness. Despite his troubles, he wants his friends to know they can still count on him for advice or anything else they need.

"I move with the weight of the world on my neck I can't lie I've been stressed but it's all on me/Need a verse need advice nigga call on me/Everybody got drive till they car on E," he raps in the beginning of his first verse.

In another part of the verse, he confronts his own unwillingness to ask for help, rapping, "I can't control my demons, I like to hide my problems/Sometimes I choke on reefer, so much be on my mind."

For his part, Saidbysed lends his smooth vocals for the hook, singing, "It's all on me, that's why they call on me."

All together, "Should've Called Pt. 2" is a slow-paced track with plenty of emotional urgency and a smooth hook. If this song is any indication, we should all expect big things from Jimi Tents in 2017.

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