When Jidenna's "Classic Man" took over radio early this year, many had the impulse to treat him as a novelty, to write off the suits and suspenders as a gimmick tailored to press photos and quick blog hits. But as the summer wore on, Jidenna stuck around and--through interviews and via posts on his own website--established that his wardrobe was part of a larger code of behavior, where the classic man is anyone who lives his or her life by a certain set of principles. That conviction combined with a genuinely fascinating biography has lent Jidenna the air of an artist with staying power, even before a proper solo album has been issued. Today (Dec. 11) he lets go of the video for "Long Live the Chief," a song he debuted earlier this year. Complete with pallbearers and rare canes, it's Jidenna fully in his element.

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