Jeezy has been stuck in label limbo for a while. Last year, the ATL trapper threatened to leak his album without Def Jam's support, and it looks like things haven't changed much.

Tonight, the 36-year-old drops his new loose single "Me OK" with production by Drumma Boy. There's a few Jeezy-worthy quotables here: "When L.A. Reid was in office made some history up in Def Jam / If Jizzle ain’t droppin, nigga, what the fuck is Def Jam? / I know you heard how your boy bossed up at Atlantic Boss shit, might just drop my next album on Atlantic" Is Jeezy making a jump?

There's also this: "First the XXL, write about me in the Forbes / That’s a long way from trappin’ in that four door Accord." We can't lie - Jizzle has been on the cover a lot.

What's surprising is that Jeezy has yet to respond to Freddie Gibbs' diss on "Real" off his excellent Cocaine Piñata. Maybe he's bigger than that? Who knows.

Check out Jeezy's newest single above.