Jay Z's Reasonable Doubt has been taken off of Spotify.

As of today, Hov's debut LP is no longer available on the streaming site in the United States. The album is, however, up on Jay Z's high fidelity streaming site, Tidal. As of right now, Reasonable Doubt is the only album in the mogul's portfolio that isn't up on Spotify. If users want to listen to the album, they would have to upload it from their personal library to a playlist on the site. This past weekend, Beyoncé shared a new ballad titled "Die With You" dedicated to Jay Z on their seven year anniversary since they tied the knot exclusively on Tidal. Rihanna also released the studio version of her new song "American Oxygen" exclusively on Tidal too. Taylor Swift's catalog is also up.

Tidal was relaunched last week (March 30) and has had a pretty solid marketing campaign since. Several artists have publicly expressed their support of the new site using the social media campaigns hasttag #TidalForAll. Hov has stated that he doesn't wish to become Spotify's direct competitor, but who knows what this could mean. "At some point they'll be faced with a decision,” he said at a Q&A at the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music.

At Hov's announcement event last week, 16 artists across all genres gathered to sign with Tidal. Under the Swedish streaming company Aspiro, which Jay just copped for $56.2 million, Tidal offers high quality sound to users and a larger portion of royalties to artists than competitor services. Three percent equity in the company is given to the musicians themselves, a smooth 48 percent in total. Not only do they get their share, but the artist also have a say in the roll out of their music, giving them power musicians have wanted for decades.

Here's everything else we gathered about Tidal.