As rumored, Jay Z jumps on the "All the Way Up" remix with Fat Joe and Remy Ma to rep New York. Not only is this the first new verse we've heard from Hov all year, but it also represents Jigga and Joey Crack officially squashing the beef on wax. Hear it above or stream it on TIDAL right here.

Joe's been making the press rounds lately after revealing on ESPN that Biggie was talking about former New York Knick Anthony Mason on "I Got a Story to Tell." Even though he quickly regretted the decision, it still drew the ire of Mason's former teammate who said Joe was disrespectful for revealing that on TV.

A lot of kids don't realize how historic Hov and Joe getting on a track together really is. Their relationship has been tense for years now, stemming from problems Pun and Hov had and escalating with their infamous face-off at the Rucker. Now it seems like all that is behind the NY OGs, and wisely so – this is a huge moment for New York hip-hop.

Funk Flex took the opportunity while debuting the record on Hot 97 to nearly have a conniption, while some people think Hov and Remy are taking shots at certain rappers with slick bars. Needless to say, this record's about to burn up East Coast airwaves all summer long.

In addition, Hov spits, "Lemonade was a popular drink and it still is," and though that's a reference to a famous Guru line, he's also talking about his wife Beyonce's LEMONADE. With their joint album reportedly on the way, looks like Jay wants to keep people guessing.

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