Dreamville's own J.I.D returns with another striking visual for his album, The Never Story. This one's for "Hereditary," one of the best songs from the project.

"Hereditary" is a song that finds J.I.D flexing some solid vocals as he sings about a crumbling romance and the way his girlfriend's romantic ruthlessness might have been shaped by her upbringing. Pretty deep stuff, so no wonder Yasiin Bey is a fan.

Directed by Chad Tennies and Mac Grant, the "Hereditary" visual takes us to three different time periods as it examines the life of one woman who grew up with an unfaithful father. It begins in 1975, where we see the woman, then, just a little girl, playing with her dolls as her mother begins to suspect her father's been cheating. Soon, the mother gets her confirmation when she drives to a spot the father's kicking it with his mistress. A confrontation ensues, and the little girl sees all of it.

From there, we're fast-forwarded 22 years, to the year 1997, where the little girl is all grown up and lives with a man who's either her live-in boyfriend or her husband. Soon after, to his suprise, he discovers that the woman's been cheating on him with another man. Once again, an argument ensues, and, in a moment that flips the typical script, the man shouts, "You're just like your father." The two appear to have a baby together, too, and she grows up to be J.I.D's girlfriend in 2017. What happens next? We'll let you figure that out for yourself.

Watch "Hereditary" below.


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