When you're a lyricist as dexterous as Logic, it's only natural for fans to unearth numerous gems in the days and weeks following the release of your new album. However, the biggest surprise on his new LP, Everybody, has nothing to do with the Maryland rapper. To get to that, you'll have to check out "AfricAryaN," the final track on the album, where you'll find a hidden verse from  J. Cole.

To get to Cole's verse, which is unlisted, you have to get through a labyrinth of a song. "AfricAryaN," a song where Logic raps about the complexities of his biracial heritage, clocks in at just over 12 minutes and features five verses from him, a hook and then a skit from astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson (remember his flat earth battle with B.o.B?). That's where Cole's verse comes into play.

On the verse, Cole seemingly gives support for Logic during what appears to be an identity crisis. For those of you who didn't know, Cole is also biracial, making him a good person to talk to about the sorts of things that come along with being of mixed race.

On the track Cole raps, "Nigga, my advice, fuck the Black and White shit/Be who you are, identify as a star/No one tells you you're that/It's something that you just know/The world be stealing your glow/Your mama did what she could/Her life was miles from good
Your father fell in the trap/They set for you when you're black/They met when they was low/And therefore you a product of that."

Everybody, which features guest appearances from  Killer Mike, Black Thought, Chuck D in addition to Cole, is streaming now. You can also cop it on iTunes.

Check out "AfricAryaN" for yourself below.

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