J. Cole has earned a lot of props for showing up to Ferguson, Mo. to support the community and commiserate over the loss of an African-American teenager who was getting ready to start college. The rhymer isn't in the area for press; he made it clear in an interview with Complex — his lone one during his time in the city — that he wanted to feel a part of history.

J. Cole spoke about why he's hesitant to do interviews during the situation and the significance of what's currently going on in Ferguson. He was originally somewhat apathetic to the latest fatal police-related incident, but cited The Concourse article titled, "America Is Not For Black People," and forcing himself to watch footage of Eric Garner's death as his call to action.

"We was passionate," J. Cole says. "But life goes on and niggas start worrying about Instagram and reality TV ... and life happens. Unfortunately, last week, it was the same ole, 'Damn, that's fucked up.' This week, it's like, 'What can we do?'"

Check out the candid interview here.

[via Complex]

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