Donald Trump rallies continue to be violent, and seeing how many rappers have thrown shots at the Don, it makes sense that fans start going at him too. One of them, Thomas DiMassimo, was at Trump's Ohio rally and charged at him, only to get tackled. He was wearing a Dreamville t-shirt and got it torn during the whole thing, and he let the world know on Twitter after retweeting the news. "And they ripped [the shirt] and I'm so salty bout it. I got it at Cole first Dollar and Dream tour when he performed in ATL."

In no time, J. Cole's manager Ibrahim Hamad reached out to DiMassimo and told him he could expect a box of new Dreamville merch soon. "All good bro," Hamad wrote. "We'll send you a box of Dreamville gear on us. Be safe out there."

Cole has always had a fan-first, down to earth approach to his fans, and it's worked to perfection over the years. This is just another example of organic support for his fans.

Cole himself has been getting some love lately, especially from Barack Obama, who shouted out the North Carolina rapper at their joint SXSW event.

Cole was also caught vibing out to Biggie's "Hypnotize" at a Shaun White's Air and Style Festival recently.

His Dreamville artist Bas just dropped his new album Too High to Riot and it features Cole as well as labelmate Cozz, who dropped his own Nothin' Personal mixtape earlier this year.

We haven't heard any new music from Cole since he traded Black Friday remixes with Kendrick, so we'll have to hold tight for that.