The atmosphere of '90s New York hip-hop is so intoxicating that it hasn't merely spread around the country, but around the world. Last year, the Swedish producer iSHi became the latest in a long line of world citizens to prove this with "We Run," which sets French Montana, Raekwon and the D.C.-bred Wale on a course toward an updated version of that classic sound. Today (Feb. 5), he returns with the video for that cut, which further hurtles us all back into a time machine that's just a bit warped.

The clip is all washed-out greys and blacks, a welcome setting for Raekwon especially. The Wu-Tang Clan legend continues the understated run of excellence that began in 2008 in the lead up to his long-awaited Only Built 4 Cuban Linx... sequel. The 1995 original, considered by many to be a seminal work from New York (and the genre as a whole), received a special-edition cassette reissue for its 20th anniversary last year.

Wale is fresh off of his #1-selling Album About Nothing, which paired him with the famous comedian Jerry Seinfeld. The DMV native had risen to fame in 2008 with The Mixtape About Nothing, which repurposed clips from Seinfeld (and its iconic upright-bass theme) and borrowed its format for episode titles, so that each song began with the prefix "The." It garnered Wale plenty of attention within the industry, and he later released a sequel, More About Nothing.

French Montana most recently joined his longtime mentor Puff Daddy in burning money for the "Blow a Check" video. He also appears in the upcoming movie The Perfect Match.

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