iLoveMakonnen was the latest guest on Snoop Dogg's Double G News Network internet series and the whole thing was just great. The Atlanta rapper talked life since "Tuesday," and the creative process behind the record as the smoke clouds in the room grew.

"It feels good," said Makonnen when asked about the success of his first single. "It's crazy that people are paying attention and noticing. When I'm in the elevator now, the lady's like 'going up' and then the other people say 'on a Tuesday,' it never ends. My nickname is Tuesday now when they see me."

"Tuesday" all started as a late night studio session on a Monday night. Makonnen was aiming for something "timeless" as morning approached and the record came to life. The seemingly overnight star also talked about his beginnings in hip-hop, as he reflected on childhood memories of listening to artists like Snoop on LA's Power 106. "Now you  hear your music on there," added Snoop.

iLoveMakonnen is currently nominated for a Grammy for his hit single and talked about his excitement. "It feels great. it's just a huge accomplishment." He explained that he never saw himself making it to the Grammys, as that was never his intention. "I just wanted to connect with people and give them something they could feel. I guess that's what the Grammys was feeling."

Watch the entire segment above. iLoveMakonnen recently dropped his record with Snoop, "21st Street (Remix)." We also got new music with the release of "Super Clean" off his upcoming Drink More Water 5 EP, set to drop this year.


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