Divine Council is a new collective that's beginning to make some waves on the web. Recently, Divine Council member $ilk Money drops the video for his new single "Dick In Da Dope." Throughout the video $ilk walks around his neighborhood with a huge bag of weed. The bag of weed is dressed up with a pink wig and sunglasses. $ilk raps about his love for weed while going about his day, from waking up to kicking back by the pool to hanging out with friends. The video was directed by Miggy.

The music collective hails from Chicago and Richmond featuring members Lord Linco, Cyrax, $ilk Money and Icytwat. They have been praised by Ian Connor, Erykah Badu and more plus have carved out a niche following on the internet. The struck gold with “PS42WW$” and since then they have gradually been building a buzz. In a recent interview with Noisey, Divine Council discussed how they got started.

"Divine Council started originally with Linco," Cyrax! said. "He had the idea for that shit. Then I jumped on, and me and him was just rocking for a minute. And then $ilk joined."

$ilkmoney adds, "Before I was really into making music, I was always writing shit. I never had any beats or anything to record my songs—or any intentions to even make music. I was just selling weed. That was my shit. I loved selling weed. That was my bitch. That was my livelihood. And one day I had sold some weed to that nigga Linco, and I was in a car with that nigga, and at the time he was about to drop a tape called Unlit. He was playing me Unlit. That shit was hard as fuck. I just started spitting him some shit that I had in my phone, that I had wrote in there. And instantly, that nigga was like, “yo, that shit is hard as a bitch. You in Divine Council.”

New content from the Divine Council collective should be arriving soon. They plan to release their debut album Council World sometime this year.

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