Iggy Azalea's sophomore album Digital Distortion was originally supposed to release on June 30, but after a number of delays, the project's release was in question. Now, the Australian rapper reveals the album's title has been changed to Surviving the Summer, and she also dropped four new songs to go along with the new title.

The rapper announced the news on Twitter, replying to a fan who asked if Digital Distortion was still name of the project. Iggy told the fan, "no," and went on to reveal she would release new tracks produced by Ljay Currie.

In June, as the original Digital Distortion release date neared, Iggy revealed she had no idea when the album would come out. "At first everybody at my label was like, 'June 2, June 2,'" she said in a Snapchat video. "And I was like cool. So I told everybody that. But then they were like, 'No we changed our mind, lets put the pre-order up on June 2.' So I was like okay, cool that seems fair. What's my album date going to be? And they were like, 'June 30.' So I did a bunch of interviews on TV the day that my single dropped with Anitta, and it seemed like all the reporters knew the date, June 30."

Iggy claimed she knew something was up with the release date when she appeared on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon to promote the project but the host wouldn't give a specific date when discussing the album.

Since Digital Distortion's original announcement in 2015, Iggy has dropped three singles supporting the project: "Team," "Mo Bounce" and "Switch" featuring Anitta.

Iggy's four new songs—"Never Satisfied," "Hate On It," "Good" and "Going Up"—can all be downloaded below.

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