Last night (March 29), IDK teased a new collaboration with Joey Bada$$ and Russ. As promised, "Lil Arrogant" dropped at midnight and was definitely worth the wait.

Produced by Lo-Fi and BiggKid, the three MCs come hard on the track over a haunting beat. "So how the fuck you telling me that I ain't good enough, prick?/Uhh, I think that I'm top ten, top five, top three, top two, top one/And I'm still not done," IDK raps.

Not to be outdone, Joey follows up with bars of his own and details why he should be respected. "Here's what you been waitin' for, ain't it?/It's a portrait, if you can see the picture, paint it/I ain't got to explain it/This lane, I done paved it (right)/I done paid my dues, now I'm just collecting payments (collect)," the All-Amerikkkan Bada$$ rapper spits.

Russ closes out the song with his scene-stealing verse and as the title suggests, the rapper gets a little arrogant with his lines. "Y'all are in the minors still, I'm Willie Mays/Y'all still jumpin' out of bed for 50k," he raps. "I roll back over and continue fucking all y'all's favorite/I'm the greatest, I'm not stoppin' 'til all y'all say it."

While IDK's aggressive bars may have some listeners thinking the rapper is taking aim at other artists, IDK put an end to that theory before it could take off. "Before anybody tries to say anything is a diss, Ima dead that now. No...," he tweeted.

Listen to "Lil Arrogant" below.

IDK via SoundCloud
IDK via SoundCloud

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