Ice-T just unintentionally promoted some pro-President Trump conspiracy theorists, but he's not about to apologize for it, and predictably, people are pretty upset with him.

On Monday (Dec. 30), the rapper-actor shared on his Twitter account an image of a fiery Q letter and a quote that reads, “Never Interfere With an Enemy While He’s in the Process of Destroying Himself.” The quote is one that's actually been attributed to people like Sun Tzu and Napolean Bonaparte in the past and has been around long enough to be considered a cliche.

Because this image bears the fiery Q insignia of QAnon—that is, a far-right conspiracy group that believes government forces have conspired against Trump—people weren't happy with Ice-T.

"Hey ice t why did you just post a picture from the Qanon conspiracy. do you believe it?" one user asked. From there, Ice-T replied, "I have no idea what that is... I just liked the quote."

But when some people started attacking him for not removing the image, Ice-T had to get raw with his responses.

"It's not about someone liking something or not. It's the fact that you (accidentally?) spread a QAnon conspiracy theory meme," tweeted one upset fan. "Your celebrity status and blue check validates it regardless of how you feel about. It's not about hating."

Ice-T responded (in all caps), "EAT A DICK..."

When Ice-T’s followers demanded that he delete his tweet, the rap veteran refused, which sparked a backlash on his timeline.

In the end, Ice-T posts whatever he wants on his Twitter page whether you like it or not. Before he signed off, he offered this message to his followers: "ATTENTION: If I post or say something YOU don’t like.. PLEASE unfollow..."

You can read Ice-T's tweets below.

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