Ice Spice has given out some free tattoos, inking up an eager tattoo artist multiple times on his hand.

Ice Spice Gives a Tattoo Artist a Few New Tattoos on His Hand

On Tuesday (Nov. 14) a Los Angeles tattoo artist who goes by @crybabyhunter on TikTok posted a video showing Spice hard at work giving him a fresh tat. At one point in the video, Spice looks up and asks if he can "feel it" before the tattoo artist asks her to "go deeper."

"Did my first tat y'all," Spice announced as she showed off the final product. The new ink included an "Ice was here" tat on the artist's wrist and a tiny kitty tat on his hand.

"Eat that," Spice said before laughing it off.

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Ice Spice Declines Drink From Fan in Old Viral Video

The new tat comes after an old video popped up on social media on Nov. 12 that featured Ice Spice politely turning down a drink from a fan. In the viral video, the Bronx, New York rapper is inside a club when a young woman approaches her with a complimentary drink. Ice Spice sees the drink in her hand and gestures to say no, but the woman insists she take it. Spice obliges her, but places the drink on a table behind her. She gives the fan a high five to thank her for the gesture.

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See Ice Spice give a tattoo artist a few new tats below.

Watch Ice Spice Tat Up a Tattoo Artist

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