IAMSU's hands do a lot of talking for "Nada," a new song and visual that finds the rapper dismiss all those folks who talk a lot, but aren't saying much. Watch the video below.

The new visual sees the "Boss Up" performer take you through a day in his life as he travels from his bed to a clothing store, eventually taking a casual walk in the park—which is sort of what he sounds like as he floats over a lowkey instrumental with smooth vocals. Throughout the vid, he can be seen using his hands to mimic people he deems as being users of empty words.

"My girl cry so much 'til she gets what she wanna/I fuck her but check can spend some on my momma/I know all my real friends want to see me come up/Cough cough cough that gas until I cough my lung up/Sip sip sip that drink I need to fill my cup up/Drop top all my cars I'm ready for the summer /Talk talk talk talk but you aint sayin’ nada/Work work work work ’til I get a Rihanna," he half-sings with his melodic flow.

There's no word on which project "Nada" will be appearing on, but the 6 Speed artist has been working on his Boss Up 2 project, which will be a follow-up to his Boss Up mixtape he dropped a little while back. You can peep the new video for "Nada" below and can cop it on iTunes now.

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