The new year is finally almost upon us, meaning rappers are shooting their last minute shot in 2016. IAmSu finishes off his year dropping the single "Boss Up," which now features Bay Area legend E-40.

On the track, the HBK rapper spits about leveling up on the haters. "I'm the one people talk bout/6 speed on your fly/Guaranteed I bring the broads out/I'm a dog like a Rottweiler/But I'ma back when they talk in my face/They don't talk now/Had to switch a couple friends up/Had to go and get my ends up/To go and pick the Benz up/Not a loser, I'm a winner/I'm a certified star, they won't let me in the enda/I hit the corner to the W/Once you make a little money/All the honeys fall in love with you/Puttin' women over money/That's a dummy move/She playin' wifey on the gram/But hit a hunnid dudes/Real macks ain't goin' for that/Rather go and spend 80 on a Cadillac," he raps.

Su's only project release of 2016 came back in March when he put out the album Kilt 3. It looks like he plans on starting the new year with some push.

E-40 made some boss moves over the Christmas holiday, as he gave $20,000 to the Salvation Army in California.

“Knowing how many families they can feed, helping single parents and what not, I’m glad to be part of it,” 40 Water told The Mercury News about his donation. “Vallejo’s my city and I’m just giving back… If I had a dollar, I’m going to give a dime. That’s how I’ve always been all my life.”

Stream "Boss Up," above.

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