A few weeks back, Kodak Black expressed a desire to see Lil Wayne in the ring, saying on Instagram, “We finna get in the ring, we finna fight–me and Lil Wayne. I’m finna knock that stupid ass nigga out.” Shortly after, fellow Hot Boy Turk advised Kodak to back off saying, “Don’t get me wrong, Kodak, I fuck with you… But I’m giving [Kodak] the heads up… Dead that shit. We don’t need no more beef going on, period. Dead that shit.”

Now, Wayne is getting more support in his corner, this time from Hurricane Chris, who issued a statement to anybody trying to mess with Weezy. "Wayne, Weezy, Tunechi, whatever you wanna call him, you wanna fuck with him, you wanna fuck with me, That’s how I’m coming. 51/50. You play with my people and I'ma break your jaw. It’s going down just like that. And you know who I’m talking to."

Chris goes on to say that he'd happily take Wayne's place in the ring, a sentiment Safaree expressed with regard to a potential Meek Mill-Drake fight. "And I’m righteous with them hands," Chris continued. "We’ll stand toe to toe just like what you talking about doing. Homie’s somewhere counting 100 million, tryna figure out how to get 50, 60 million that he supposed to been had. Way bigger problems than to worry about boxing a nigga. But a young nigga like me, wake up and go to sleep ready to chastise a pussy. So play some games boy and get your whole little shit fractured up."

As of last week, the fight between Chris Brown and Soulja Boy was reportedly still on, so perhaps this recent development will play out on the undercard. Catch Hurricane Chris's comments in full below.

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