After a year-long drought, Hopsin's back to putting out music on a regular basis. Today (Nov. 1), just a few weeks removed from dropping his "Happy Ending" video, the rapper returns with "Witch Doctor," yet another striking song/visual combo.

The track features the sound of tribal drums and Hopsin's typically ferocious, cartoonish brand of lyricism. Throughout the song, the former XXL Freshman comes at those who imagine they're on his level, warning them that they'll need a hospital—or a "Witch Doctor"—to recover from any confrontation with him.

"You don't want the backlash/Why you actin' like a badass? Slow down, nigga!/Fuck around and break you off proper/You gon' need to see the fuckin' witch doctor," he warns in one part of the hook. He picks his threats up considerably by the time he gets into his actual verses.

"You think you running shit but you really my cute puppet/That's dangling from a string, I was made to disrupt the peace/Don't care if you poppin', bitch you basic as fuck to me/I've been labeled a fucking beast, it's the fate of corrupted seeds," he spits on the track.

In addition, Hopsin has announced he's signed a deal with 300, the label home to Young Thug, Fetty Wap and others. "We're excited to have Hopsin join us at 300, says Kevin Liles, co-founder/CEO of the label. "He set the blueprint for independent artists today and as an independent company, we find him to be a great partner."

At the very end of the vid, we see the cover for his forthcoming album, titled No Shame, flash across the screen. The LP drops Nov. 24, and Hopsin says the project will give fans "an extremely real and heartfelt experience of what I have been going through in my personal life."

Check out Hopsin's "Witch Doctor" video for yourself below. Watch his video for "The Purge" when you're done.

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