Hodgy Beats told fans on Monday (Jan. 18) that his next tweets would contain new music. Well, the Odd Future rapper delivered on his promise. Today (Jan. 22), Hodgy Beats unleashed three new tracks to public: "d00rs," "Resourceful" and "Loyalty?"

"I wrote these songs for you tonight," Hodgy Beats wrote on Twitter early this morning. "Hope you admire."

The former MellowHype rapper listed each song with a "lo-fi" label, indicating that sound quality wasn't the best.

The first of Hodgy Beats' offerings, "d00rs," is the shortestof the three. Hodgy starts off the cut singing before going into a tight verse. The song ends rather abruptly though with an audio clip that gets cut off at the end.

"Resourcefool" is an opportunity for Hodgy Beats to show off his singing chops as he sings along with the high energy vibe of the production. Hodgy doesn't abandon his calling card as he starts rapping about halfway into the song. This track's low quality stands out though as some sounds do not come across well like they may have if they were properly mixed and mastered. Hopefully this one will get redone if it is officially released.

The final cut, "Loyalty," is perhaps the most self-explanatory as Hodgy examines the concept of loyalty and allegiances on the track.

"I'm shedding tears over instrumentals from Youtube/You wanna diss me on the record then shake my hand in public/When you see me know that I don't fuck with you too," Hodgy raps.

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