Tory Lanez has been on one recently. Depending on your perspective of the rapper, his actions can be seen as either supremely confident or utterly insane. However, one thing is for sure, the Canadian rap star has no problem mixing it up with anyone who wants lyrical smoke.

In his decade-long run of putting out music, Lanez has gotten into it on wax and in person with several artists, including some of the biggest MCs out. His mainstream career began with a much-publicized beef with fellow Canadian rap crooner Drake that lasted a few years. Along the way, he’s engaged in a number of additional disputes, with one nearly coming to blows, and several others resulting in back-and-forth lyrical jabs.

More recently, he’s turned things up a notch. In November 2018, Tory's bold claims of being better than his counterparts began bringing beef to his doorstep. And he hasn't backed down In the last few months. Last week, he invited more vitriol when he jumped out the window with challenges to J. Cole and Pusha T and the brazen tweet, “IM THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE RIGHT NOW ...... I WILL BODY ANY OF YALL NIGGAS OUT ! PERIOD ....,” which has also made him some new enemies.

Tory Lanez looks to be ready for all the repercussions of his actions and declarations and is taking on all challengers. XXL looks back at the history of music-related beefs that the Love Me Now rapper has encountered.

  • Drake (2010-2017)

    Drake and Tory’s misunderstanding may have began in 2010. Tory issued a challenge to listen to Drake's music—if he didn't enjoy it, the neophyte would gift the 6ix God $10,000. Aubrey didn't oblige.

    In 2015, friction seemed to arise when Tory named his mixtape New Toronto, perhaps a sly slight at Toronto's then-reigning rap champ. Drake countered with a line on “Summer Sixteen”: "All you boys in the new Toronto want to be me a little/All your exes know I like my O’s with a V in the middle."

    For the next two years, the two artists exchanged shots in songs (see Drake's "Do Not Disturb") and interviews. They officially deaded their issues in May 2017, revealing the truce via Instagram.

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  • Jacquees (2016)

    Tory Lanez and Jacquees’ issues started on Twitter in February 2016, when Tory replied with two cry-laughing emojis to the Cash Money singer posting, "Chris my idol/big bro he don't count never will but you other guys im at yo throat #FuckHowYouFeel."

    Jacquees replied, "Yo pen pretty dope bro but vocal wise Naaaaaa you R NOT fuckin wit the kid. @torylanez you tried it bro, keep hustling. Yo watermelon head ass tried to act like you ain't know me at Revolt now you tweet watching! Just follow me bro @torylanez." And the beef was on.

    Nothing much came of it, though. One month later, they squashed it all at SXSW.

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  • Travis Scott (2016)

    In 2016, things got heated between Tory Lanez and Travis Scott. After fans suggested that Lanez sounds like Scott, Tory replied: "I can't sound like somebody I wrote for." Things came to a head soon after, when the two artists had an encounter on a tour bus at 2016 Mala Luna Festival in San Antonio, Tx. Video surfaced of the heated confrontation.

    "I said what I said. If you felt a way and you wanna handle the way you wanna handle it," Lanez says in the video, ready to rumble. Cooler heads prevailed and no blows were thrown.

    Tory brought up the incident on his track “Hate to Say” and later admitted he and Travis ended any animosity shortly after their near skirmish.

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  • Eric Bellinger (2017 - )

    Eric Bellinger took issue with Tory Lanez in 2017 after accusing the Canadian artist of stealing his tag. Tory addressed the matter on the track “Hate to Say” off his Memories Don’t Die album by throwing shots at Bellinger.

    Eric B. later took jabs at Tory on the diss track “Yikes,” and followed up with a music video in which he digs a grave for the “Litty” artist.

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  • Joyner Lucas (2018)

    Tory Lanez’s claims of being a better rapper than everyone rubbed some MCs the wrong way. One was Joyner Lucas. The two wordsmiths decided to settle the score with a classic rap battle—strictly competition, no hard feelings. Tory Lanez dropped “Lucky You” and Joyner fired back with his own version. Joyner released a “Litty Freestyle” diss and Tory did the same. They eventually decided to end the match-up amicably, with each party claiming victory.

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  • Royce 5'9" (2018)

    It almost got deeper than rap for Tory and Royce 5’9’ in December. Tory took exception to Royce tweeting that he didn’t believe the Canadian rapper took home the W in his battle with Lucas. Tory replied: “That’s why u rappidy ass niggas always had the wrong conception of a W... shows why y’all careers look how they look now.”

    Royce’s response was lighthearted at first, but he became angered after Tory pressed the issue. "My nigga ... If you tryna get yo mufhkin ass beat, you doing everything right,” Royce posted. “I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt because you Canadian. Now go play somewhere before I get upset."

    More tough talk ensued. However, after talking on the phone, the two squashed the problem days later, with Royce revealing that Tory had apologized for his spicy words.

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  • Don Q (2019 - )

  • Dreamville (2019 - )

    Why take on one when you can take on them all? After previously saying he would out-rap J. Cole, Tory and Dreamville artist J.I.D got into it on social media after the Atlanta rhymer was critical of Lanez’s recent antics. Both rappers talked about battling and Tory goes as far as saying he would take out the entire Dreamville roster in an interview.

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  • Mysonne (2019 - )

    The "body any rapper" claims continued to put a target on Tory's back. In January 2019, New York rapper Mysonne stepped up to the plate and released the Tory Lanez diss track, "If He Dies, He Dies."

  • DreamDoll (2019 - )

    Tory added to his list of enemies in late January when DreamDoll dissed him on her "On Ya Head" track. Angered at her name being mentioned on Tory's Don Q diss track "Don Queen," Dream retaliated with a scandalous rebuttal.