50 Cent will go down in history for many things—his music, his accolades, his sales, his records, his businesses, his money, his beefs, etc.—but one title he'll also have with him is that of hip-hop's greatest troll of all time. Whether it was dedicating an entire mixtape to Fat Joe's demise, donning his Pimpin' Curly alter-ego to repeatedly clown Rick Ross or repeatedly needling Diddy's Ciroc empire by hashtagging (he's really into hashtags) #NoPuffyJuice almost every time he's promoting his own line of vodka, Effen, Fif never misses an opportunity to go in on his friends and his enemies. For 50, it just seems natural.

Lately it had almost seemed like the G-Unit General had begun to soften up a bit; in the past couple years, he's squashed long-running beefs with Jadakiss, Fat Joe, Nas, Floyd Mayweather, French Montana and, of course, his G-Unit brethren Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo and especially Young Buck. But there are a handful of MCs and celebrities that he has such a personal history with that the issues seem like they'll never get resolved, guys like Ja Rule, Rick Ross, The Game and Diddy. The feuds run deep and 50 Cent has, traditionally, never been quick to forgive and forget.

But he is quick to jump on a news story that puts his rivals in a negative light and take his shots when he can, and luckily for him (and for the entertained fan) two of those rivals, Diddy and Rick Ross, were both arrested on some legitimately serious charges this week. As usual, 50 jumped into high gear, posting some hilarious Instagram videos to clown Rozay and Puff while they dealt with their own misfortune. It's not the first time, of course; Fif has been at it on Instagram for a minute now. XXL combed through to dig up a brief history of 50 Cent clowning celebs on the social network. (Unfortunately, he also tends to delete his posts; we'll update this story as we continue to come across archived versions.) Enjoy.

Jay Z's Elevator Fight With Solange

It's the most infamous grainy elevator footage in hip-hop history combined with one of 50 Cent's favorite techniques: narrating ridiculous videos. Just as he did to Rick Ross' baby mama's sex tape video, Fif took to Instagram to narrate the elevator battle with his own hilarious take.

Floyd Mayweather's Relationships

Floyd Mayweather has been in relationships with a slew of women who have also been connected to musicians, including Nelly and Ray J. But last May, he got into an altercation with T.I. at a Las Vegas Fatburger that was allegedly over a rumor that Mayweather had slept with Tip's wife Tiny. That's all 50 needed to poke at Floyd once again.

My little brothers crazy,first RAY j then Nelly now TIP.#smsaudio #animalambition

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Slowbucks' Lawsuit

G-Unit's reunion was the big story from Summer Jam 2014, but the immediate reaction was that with the Unit back in action, beef would surely follow. And the quartet—quintet including new member Kidd Kidd—didn't even get through their reunion set before Slowbucks was jumped and got his chain snatched on stage behind them. Slowbucks subsequently filed a lawsuit against 50 and the G-Unit man fired back in a hilarious video from Slow's press conference announcing the suit.

Join, run down to you nearest precinct TODAY!!! LOL (crime stoppers) Help keep our streets clean.

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Floyd Mayweather's Reading Ability

It started rather simply; Mayweather, beefing with 50 already, asserted in an interview that the trio of 50 Cent, T.I. and Nelly were no longer relevant musically and 50 responded, initially with a middle finger. But then he took it to the next level, questioning Mayweather's literacy and betting him that Floyd couldn't read a page out of a Harry Potter book. Things took their natural course after that and, well... Just check it out below.

Just in people, Jimmy Kimmel will let Floyd read live on his show if he accepts.

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Champ your first lost is to Harry Potter, Damn boy lol

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Nigga we been here 40 minutes you can't read that.

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His Own First Pitch At the Mets Game

I mean, 50 set himself up for this one. Just look at this historically awful first pitch and try not to laugh at him yourself.

Kevin Hart, who was due to throw out a first pitch of his own for the Chicago White Sox days later, joked about the incident on Instagram, leading to a hilarious response from Fif.

Diddy's Arrest

Diddy's arrest was as ridiculous to read about as the charges that were allegedly levied against him were serious, with the Bad Boy mogul reportedly flipping out at his son's assistant football coach at UCLA and attacking the man with a kettleball. 50 quickly set about dropping memes and videos looking to bail him out.