After the death of 25-year-old Freddie Gray in the custody of police, his funeral was held today. Soon after violent protests swept over Baltimore this afternoon over. Demonstrators dismantled police cars, broke into stores and wreaked havoc over the city, all as a result of the young man, who's life is said to have been taken by police.

Gray died on April 19, due to a severe spinal cord injury after being chased down and tackled by police. Friends, neighbors, activists and government officials attended his funeral this morning, which was held at New Shiloh Baptist Church with an open casket. Violence broke out soon after, with locals gathering for both protests and riots.

The slain 25-year-old has become the latest symbol of police brutality and as expected, hip-hop is firing off. Check out what the hip-hop community is saying via social media.

You can watch the coverage live right now on CNN.